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Our first ever Kilo opened in the Ture Building in 2011, and continues to serve as a platform for budding chefs and uncovered talent alike. We believe in creating a home away from home, with service that is warm and personable, and pride ourselves on a kitchen that dishes out comfort food with a difference. Meet some of the people who have helped us to bring our vision to life.

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Chef De Cuisine 

Keith joined Kilo Kallang sometime at the start of 2015, and has grown from strength to strength, honing his skills to serve up great food. When he’s off work, Keith relaxes by watching TV and spending time with his wife. His favourite dish at Kilo? “The warm octopus salad, with grilled octopus, salsa verde, and potato, since it’s what I’m preparing now!”

Sous Chef

Previously from another restaurant, Jessica joined our kitchen for half a year hoping to improve her culinary prowess. So far, she has already picked up lots of cooking techniques that she was previously never exposed to. More importantly, she enjoys spending time with the team in the kitchen. “I love them!” she says. “We work well together.”

Outlet Manager

Maricris has been with the family for about two years, and in her time she’s grown from being a floor staff working at Kilo Orchard (which she calls her “second home”) to managing Kilo Kallang. Her favourite part of work, she says, is being able to interact with diners. “I especially love joking around with them; it makes them happy too.” Work, for Maricris, is also infused with plenty of play.

Human Resources Department

A multi-tasker and proud mother of three, Su has been working at Kilo for 4 years, and still finds joy in coming to work everyday. “I love the working environment here and my colleagues play a big part in why I look forward to work,” she says. Her must-haves here at Kilo? “The ebiko pasta and white wine.”

Zheng Xu
Commis Chef

Originally from China, Zheng Xu joined Kilo two years ago, and finds everyday to be an opportunity to learn and improve himself in the kitchen. He started out at Kilo Orchard, where he was a steward before rising to become a commis chef at Kilo Kallang. “My dream would be to one day manage the kitchen as the head chef. However, I’d like to improve my spoken English, first and foremost!” Not a moment is wasted in the kitchen for Zheng Xu—he takes every chance to be effective and productive. The person that inspires him the most? “My mother. She has sacrificed a lot for me and I respect her a lot.”

Events & VIP Manager

Nadia joined the Kilo family almost two years ago and loves the bits and bobs that happen in a typical workday. “Kilo is a cool brand that speaks for itself with the food it creates, the style of our venues, and the type of events hosted by the company,” she says. “The team is also made up of a bunch of passionate individuals who work together to continuously grow with the brand, as well as grow the brand, and that’s an experience I enjoy being a part of.” Inspired by the many people she meets, Nadia hopes to one day spearhead the many events hosted at Kilo. Her favourite part of the day at work? “If I really had to choose, it would be entertaining our resident office cat, Ceviche!”


The newest kid on our block brings together our love for backyard roasts and that warm feeling you get when you’re surrounded by all your friends and family on a lazy weekend afternoon with a beer in one hand and a platter of incredible food in the other. There’s always plenty of fun to be had here at Camp Kilo, but plenty of hard work goes into making sure we dish up some of the best roasts in town too.

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Kitchen Head

One of the helping hands behind our amazing roasts is Nick, who’s usually seen right by the heat of the action. He’s been with Camp Kilo almost right from the beginning, and says it’s his hope that Camp Kilo becomes “the best BBQ joint in Singapore, and possibly the region”. The best things to eat on the menu, in his opinion? “Crispy pork belly, and patatas bravas.”

Commis Chef

Paolo has served many roles in the Series of Intentions family: from being a bartender, to being part of the opening team for Kilo Bali, to working as a Floor Manager, and finally going back to his true calling—cooking for people, at Camp Kilo. His favourite part about Camp Kilo is “everything”, he says, though one of the best parts is the opportunity to learn. “I wanted to join because it’s a new idea and concept,” Paolo says. He recommends the Brussel Sprouts, and red wine.

Commis Chef

Putra says he found out about Camp Kilo from a friend. “I joined because I wanted to learn and learn as much as I can about the kitchen.” He’s been with us for four months, and says that the friends he’s made and environment he works in are the best parts about Camp Kilo. Putra’s recommendation from the menu: Jerk Chicken and Lemonade.


At Grain Traders, we’re all about feeding people right. We don’t just provide satisfying, hearty fare; we also believe in creating a space and experience for people to spend some time on themselves, for themselves. We dish up food that’s made with lots of effort and love in as fast a time as possible for the modern, everyday worker.

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Assistant to Executive Chef

Originally from Canada, Joanna used to bake as a kid, and that’s where she got her first taste in the culinary world. She says she ‘unofficially’ entered the industry back when she and friend started a side project, baking cakes for Raw Kitchen Bar, and that was how she got better acquainted with Javier. Although formally trained as a speech therapist, Joanna felt dissatisfied with her job, and left to pursue something different. She came to Singapore in 2007 and worked in a bakery and a cake shop before taking on positions in various restaurants before joining the Grain Traders team in July 2016. “It’s a super warm, innovative, family environment. I love the concept of simple, beautiful, unpretentious food, and it’s something really close to my heart.”

Kitchen Head at CapitaGreen

Originally from Kilo, Bryan’s joined us at #GrainTraders and is helping head chef Gisela lead a whole new team. “The pace was hard to adjust to at first, but the food is different here, and the process is much more straightforward.” Bryan would love to be able to open his own restaurant one day, and says that Chinese and Italian cuisines are his favourites. What does he do on his off days? “I don’t cook at home — it’s the last thing I want to do!”


Hafiz was from Kilo Lounge, and says the switch from being a bartender to a barista has allowed him to interact with people a bit more. “I get to meet new people, and I like seeing their reactions after tasting the coffee.” Another plus point? The more regular working hours allow him to meet his friends and catch up on movies. “I just rewatched Pulp Fiction,” he says. “I love Quentin Tarantino!”

Bowl Assembler, Mama Bear

Devi’s been with us even before we officially opened, and if you’re a regular diner, you’ll probably remember her motherly, patient smile. She has two grown-up kids of her own as well, and she loves to cook for them and feed them right in her own way. While the line does get busy sometimes, Devi says she’s gotten used to it, and she loves interacting with everyone who comes by.

Outlet Supervisor

Lavanya is only 21, but has been working with Grain Traders since we opened. Lavanya’s usually behind the counter, patiently dishing out everyone’s favourites. “It’s a new concept, very energetic, and there’s lots of teamwork,” she says. “The lunch hour can be very fast-paced and I get a bit stressed, but I always try my best to smile at people, even though I forget sometimes!”

Outlet Manager

Sameer was previously from Kilo, but moved to Grain Traders to train to be a barista. He hails from Sri Lanka, he either meets his friends or spend his days at home during his weekends off. “I spend my time chatting with family back home in Sri Lanka, or learning new things from the Internet,” he says. Sameer has a few favourites at Grain Traders: the Mr Pirom Hero Bowl, and the Traders’ Nectar iced tea.

Junior Sous Chef

More comfortable behind the stove than he is in front of the camera, and always in his signature cap, Haikal used to work at Kilo before joining our team at Grain Traders. “The staff is very different here, and it’s a new learning journey,” he says of his experience so far. “Not everyone knows everything, so everyone helps each other.”


Veeshen joined the Grain Traders kitchen just last year. He says that his colleagues are a big part of the why he likes what he does, and he especially enjoys the daily lunch-time, peak-hour rush in the busy kitchen. Veeshen cites his boss and our founder Javier as one of his inspirations: “He makes bold and smart moves, doing things that people will not conventionally do in the restaurant business. He managed to pull this off and he made it.”


There are so many people who help us out behind the scenes, making sure that all our venues run smoothly, that our guests leave happy at the end of the day, and that our team stays close-knitted. Meet just a few of the individuals whose small actions make a big difference at Series of Intentions.

Ah Hwa
General Technician

If you ever need something made, fixed, or touched-up, you know who to call. Ah Hwa is our very handy handyman, whose innovative designs can be found all over our various outlets—the hand-rusted steel tables outside Grain Traders at CapitaGreen, for example, or the zinc covering for our photobooth at Camp Kilo Charcoal Club. Give Ah Hwa a vision and a blow torch and he can pretty much come up with anything you want. A man of few words, Ah Hwa’s work ethic can be summed up in one sentence: “Whatever my boss asks me to do, I do!”


We’re looking for individuals who understand that a restaurant is more than just about the food, but who also strive to bring their best to the plate. If you work well in a fast-paced, dynamic team, and believe in creating shared experiences, then we’ve got a job for you. Drop us an email at careers@seriesofintentions.com to find out more.

The following positions are available:

SOI Collective

1/ Full-time Graphic Designer

Kilo Kitchen
1/ Full-time Restaurant Manager
2/ Full-time Service Crew
3/ Full-time Commis Chefs

4/ Full-time Chef De Parties

5/ Part-time Service Crews

Camp Kilo
1/ Part-time Service Crews

Grain Traders
1/ Full-time Junior Barista

2/ Part-time Service Crew

Kilo Lounge
1/ Part-time Bartenders