Rhythm and Booze

Cooking Beats Presents: A New Year’s Eve Dinner

Camp Kido—Thanksgiving Special

Kilo Cooking Beats — A Thanksgiving Feast

Monster Bash at Camp Kilo

Cooking Beats presents: Not What It Seems

Camp Essentials

How to gear up for the perfect weekend at Camp Kilo.

Brunch at Kilo Bali

FOURS X Camp Kilo Presents: Camp Canine

Cooking Beats Presents Raíces: seven months in

Beats, BBQ, and Booze: National Day Special

Kilo Cooking Beats—Raíces with Jordi Noguera

Beats, BBQ, and Booze: 4th of July edition

Kilo Cooking Beats—Raíces with Oliver Hyde

Catching up with Nick Olinik

An interview with Camp Kilo Charcoal Club’s Head Chef

Kilo Cooking Beats—Raíces with Tim Ross-Watson

Camp Kido—Easter Special

A look back at April's special edition of Camp Kido.

Kilo Cooking Beats—Raíces with Yohans Gozal

Camping Out

Order your favourite roasts for an off-camp gathering.

Kilo Cooking Beats—Raíces with Mario 

Just a few more days before Mario takes over the Kilo Kallang kitchen.

Kilo Cooking Beats—Raíces with Gisela

Next up on Cooking Beats—Raíces: Grain Traders’ Gisela brings a taste of Venezuela to the Kilo kitchen.

Play At Camp Kilo

We kicked off the inaugural edition of Camp Kido on Sunday, 19th February.

How To Go Exploring

A brief Camp Kilo guide to looking at the world from a different point of view.

Kilo Cooking Beats—Raíces featuring Javier & Joshua

We speak to our founders Javier & Joshua ahead of their session in Kilo Kallang for Cooking Beats—Raíces.

Kilo Kallang x Matteblacc present: Dinner & A Mixtape

In conversation with our special guest for the night, DJ Neil Armstrong.

Camp Kilo’s Chinese New Year Survival Guide

Some handy tips to brave the challenging terrain of the season.

Half-A-Year At Camp Kilo

Looking back at how far we've come.

Kilo Cooking Beats — A Thanksgiving Feast

We take a look back at our Thanksgiving feast this festive season.

Kilo’s Korean Chicken Bulgogi

A dish perfect for sharing.

Beats, BBQ, and Booze: Halloween Edition

We partnered with our friends at Decker Barbecue for the return of Beats, BBQ, and Booze.

Firing It Up

What's new at Camp Kilo.

Kilo Under Pressure With Brian Kennett

110 orders, one dessert that didn't turn out as it should have, and three polo t-shirts later, we speak to Brian to find out how his virgin Kilo Under Pressure experience went.

Kilo’s Baby Eggplants

A much-missed crowd favourite from #KiloOrchard.


Meet some of the people who keep our fire going.

Kilo Under Pressure With Clay Kuok

Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong, as Clay found out even before service night began.

Kilo’s Thai Tea Cream Caramel

We put our own spin on Thai tea by turning it into a creamy, smooth and silky caramelised pudding.

Field Guide To The Camp Kilo Menu

Here’s a quick breakdown of some unchartered terms and territory on our menu.

Kilo Under Pressure With Justin Edwards

It seemed like Justin sailed through the night, but was everything as smooth as it seemed?

Kilo Under Pressure With Lloyd Moffatt

Confident — perhaps even over-confident — was how our Under Pressure contestant Lloyd appeared to be, but did the evening pan out as he'd expected? Read on.

Kilo Under Pressure With Juan Phoa

Taking over the kitchen “Juan Dish At A Time”, we speak to our Kilo Under Pressure contestant Juan to find out how it all went.

Camp Kilo Charcoal Club — Now Roasting

We're finally ready to #getcrackling.

Kilo Under Pressure With Oliver Budgen

The big question: how did he do? We catch up with Oliver, our Kilo Under Pressure contender, and find out.

A Brief History of Roast at Kilo

Before we kickstart Camp Kilo Charcoal Club, we thought we'd take a little trip down memory lane and remember how we got here.

Meet Nithiya, Our Kilo Under Pressure Survivor

We catch up with Nithiya, the amateur chef who took charge of the Kilo kitchen for one night back in 2011.

Kilo Cooking Beats — Pla Dib Invasion

Back in December last year, we had the opportunity to host some of our good friends from Pla Dib Restaurant for a kitchen takeover that brought things full circle.

Kilo Lounge — Media Tasting

We gathered our friends from the media and press for a sharing experience at Kilo Lounge.

Cooking Beats — Dancegiving

Celebrating Thanksgiving the Kilo way.

Halloween at Kilo Lounge

A look behind the scenes as we transformed Kilo for two spooky, sensational nights.

Meet: Y.C.

You might have bumped into Y.C. a couple of times at the lounge, but did you know that he was integral in its development?

Meet: Sharon

Sharon is the woman behind the scenes at Kilo Kitchen.

Kilo Presents: Spottly Insider — Hong Kong Cooking Beats

For two spectacular nights at Kilo, we found our kitchen taken over by the talented Russell Doctrove from Maximal Concept’s Fish & Meat restaurant in Hong Kong.

Behind The Scenes at Kilo Bali

Over the course of three days, we made Kilo Bali our home as we photographed the architecture, interior, food and beverages, and the staff.

Pladib x Kilo

We took over the Pladib kitchen in Bangkok and whipped up a smorgasbord of flavours.

Meet: Seraphina

We break the ice with our partner and general manager at Kilo Orchard.