Welcome to Kilo Radio — where all the tunes you’ve been listening to over dinner or at the lounge all come together. Enjoy.

Cooking Beats—Raíces with Mario

Mario Malvaez, owner of Tono Cevicheria, gave Kilo Kitchen a Mexican twist for an evening at Kilo Cooking Beats—Raíces. He served up a 7-course feast full of pleasant surprises for a night like no other, and the Mexican music in the air completed the experience. Have a listen to the night’s music below, and read more about Mario here.

Cooking Beats—Raíces with Gisela

Gisela, executive chef of Grain Traders, brought a bit of Venezuela to the Kilo Kallang kitchen in more ways than one, dishing up a hearty feast inspired by her hometown and providing the tunes to go along. Take a listen below and relive the night on the Kilo Journal.

Cooking Beats—Raíces with Javier & Joshua

Our very own founders, Javier & Joshua, kicked off Kilo Cooking Beats—Raíces in February 2017, presenting an unforgettable taste of their unique Puerto Rican heritage for the night. Cooking Beats—Raíces is a series that welcomes guest chefs from different cultural backgrounds into the Kilo Kallang kitchen for one special night as they present the cuisine from their hometown, along with a selection of choice tunes to provide a truly immersive experience. Find out more about Javier & Joshua’s session here.

Kilo After Work Playlist

A throwback to the very first incarnation of Kilo Lounge, as Kilo After Work’s DJ, Shellsuit, took to the decks to spin lush, easy tunes for a post-work or pre-dinner drink.

Kilo Radio #1

What started it all—a curation of the music that’s been on repeat on our speakers and in our minds of late.