How to gear up for the perfect weekend at Camp Kilo.

1/ Go light

Picking the right outfit is vital for an unforgettable weekend at camp, and we’re not talking about just dressing to impress. Practicality is key; if you don’t already know, Camp Kilo is an outdoor-concept restaurant, and we love nothing more than enjoying the breeze along the Kallang Riverside and basking in the afternoon sun. This means that you’ll want to dress light, and keep your clothing of choice simple and casual (unless you’re coming for one of our Monster Bashes). Linen and cotton are great fabrics to deal with the heat—and we don’t mean just from the fire.

2/ Gear up!

When the sun gets a little unforgiving, it pays to be extra prepared, and that’s why we never leave home without our sunhats, shades and a mini fan. But fret not: there are plenty of ice-cold drinks to go around, fans and coolers spread around the space, sheltered areas if the sun’s not quite your thing, and dog bowls placed all around our restaurant to help you and your furry companions beat the heat.

3/ A good working (film) camera

There’s nothing wrong with going digital nowadays, but we love the excitement that comes with film cameras. You’ll definitely want to capture every moment of your adventure at camp while you explore and create your own kind of enjoyment. The best part? You get to relive these moments over and over again. We’ve also got a little something coming up at Camp Kilo which you can take part in to share all your memories; stay tuned!

4/ Positive vibes and good energy

Finally, when it comes to having a day of unadulterated fun, setting the right attitude is key. After all, it’s about having fun and maximum enjoyment, while, of course, feasting on platter after platter of your favourite roasts. You’ll also need the fuel because there’s lots to discover each time you visit us. So, leave your stresses at the door and come unwind at camp.