As we approach the end of May, we’re looking forward to what’s to come in June—more specifically, the third edition of Camp Kido at Camp Kilo Charcoal Club. It feels like we’ve come a long way since the first edition, all the way back in February, and we’ve got lots more in store to come. But first, here’s a look back at April’s special edition of Camp Kido, where an Easter-themed afternoon awaited all our young campers.

There was face painting, as always; the Storytelling Tent/blanket fort also made a comeback—a perfect shelter from the afternoon sun and a spot to listen to a tale or two. Kids and adults alike lounged the afternoon away, but the biggest surprise came in the form of an animal-themed bouncy castle, and trust us, it wasn’t just the young ones who were having fun.

The highlight of the day, of course, was the Grand Easter Egg Hunt, where we had hidden away 100 golden eggs packed with treats, all waiting to be discovered. At the kick off, the children dashed around all directions, sneakily helped by some of their parents as well.

There were other traditional Easter games and activities to keep the kids entertained: an egg-balancing race, a Bunny Hop, and Pin-The-Tail-On-The-Rabbit, to name a few. Kids also got to express their creativity, and got their hands dirty in the process, by painting eggs and making their own bunny masks.

Finally, after a day of exploring, the children refuelled with a selection of treats: from cheese burgers, to mac & cheese, corn on the cob, and beef hot dogs. The adults were well-taken care of as well—we had all our signature hearty roasts to go round, and plenty of drinks to stave off the afternoon heat.

We had such an enjoyable time seeing everything come together, and seeing the smile on everyone’s faces at the end of the day. A big thank you to all of you who came by, and a special shoutout to those who helped us with all the action for the day. If you had a good time, or if you missed us this round, we’ll see you at our next Camp Kido in June—stay tuned to our Facebook page for more updates.

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