You can’t have a party without great food, and we’re always up for a feast here at Camp Kilo. Did you know that you can now have all our Camp Kilo classics at your own party, whenever you choose? All you need to do is plan ahead.

Our crowd favourite—the whole roast pig—comes in three sizes: Suckling (approx. 8-10kg, $350), Medium (approx. 15-23kg, $550), and Golden (approx. 32-36kg, $950). Dressed in a Puerto Rican recaíto seasoning, which is made up of onions, green peppers, garlic, orange juice and vinegar, the pigs are marinated for 48 hours, stuffed with spices and herbs like lemongrass and spring onions, and then roasted for about 4-6 hours on a self-made spit. Perfect for small, cosy gatherings or a much bigger get-together, the pigs are delivered to you with sauces, disposable plates, and cutlery. We’ll even carve it up on the spot.

Our other roasts are also available for takeaway—pork belly, lechon, and chickens can be ordered, at the latest, a day in advance—as are our sides, which can be ordered in small quantities on the spot with a 30 minute wait time. With dishes like Burnt Carrots with sateh, plums, cottage cheese & fried garlic; Patatas Bravas or smashed potatoes with spicy nam prik pao, scallions, and aioli; and deep-fried Brussels Sprouts topped with mint, coriander, and Japanese rice puffs, the camp will go to you in your next gathering.

For more details and to order, drop us an email at