We love the excitement that accompanies the coming of a new year, and on the last day of 2017, we celebrated New Year’s eve with a good ol’ feast at Kilo Kallang amongst loved ones and good friends. This time, we had Gisela Golding (executive chef of Grain Traders), and Keith Wan (head chef of Kilo Kallang) taking to our kitchen to deliver an evening of homely comforts as we looked back on the memories made.

Guests started streaming in from as early as 6PM, and rich aromas from the kitchen greeted everyone’s noses as they entered our restaurant, promising a night full of pleasures and flavours to come.

As our way of saying thank you and to show our gratitude for all our guests who have continued to support us over the years, everyone who joined us for the evening was treated to a complimentary glass of divine champagne that made for a perfect pairing for all the dishes served.

Dinner started off with chef Gisela and chef Keith’s fresh oysters prepared in three separate flavours—Bloody Mary, mojito and sake, followed by a refreshing plate of salad made up of fig carpaccio and iberico ham topped with crispy chevre cheese. Bursting with flavours, these dishes gave the perfect kick to start the night.

Next up, an alluring plate of Beetroot done 3-ways (tartare, tiramisu, crispy) topped with Salmon Roe was served, while Gisela and Keith’s rendition of Surf and Turf—consisting of red tuna and succulent foie gras—had our guests exchanging looks of delight.

The star dishes of the evening, however, were the Roasted Hokkaido Scallops and red prawns, served with barley, portobello, chicken and armagnac, and Dry-aged Wagyu Sirloin served with delicious confit celeriac and oporto, topped with 12 grapes that signify 12 lucky months ahead, according to the Spanish tradition.

It was an absolute joy to have rounded off 2017 in such a joyful manner, filled with old and new friends. We would like to thank everyone who has made the year such a memorable one, filled with so many nights to remember. We look forward to sharing more heartwarming memories with you for the coming year; we’ll see you at the next one!