We’re on to our fifth edition of Cooking Beats—Raices come Thursday, 29th June; this session will see Tim Ross-Watson, former owner and executive chef at PYXIEMOSS taking to the Kilo Kallang kitchen to bring us a 7-course British-Indian feast inspired by his heritage and background. Tim embarked on a culinary journey at the young age of 15, putting his skills to the test at several restaurants around London before settling in Singapore where he opened his first restaurant Garden of Eden (2011-2012) and later on, PYXIEMOSS. Drawing influence from his British-Indian roots and love for Asian food, Tim is set to present an unforgettable evening with soulful dishes that are close to his heart. We speak to him ahead of his session at our Kilo Kallang.

Since the beginning of your culinary career at 15, are there any particularly memorable experiences you’ve had as a chef?

I’ve had a lot of memorable experiences and I’m positive that there will be many more to come. There was once during my time here in Singapore when we were filming in a kitchen and the whole stove blew up on everyone! I remember a huge fireball that threw me against the countertop and all the plates came crashing off the shelves; it was so loud it felt as if the whole building shook. The blast was so powerful, the front door to the place flew off its hinges despite being a good distance away from the kitchen. Thank God we survived the incident with just a few minor burns.

Are there any chefs that inspire you/that you draw inspiration from?

Not really, I try not to focus too much on what other chefs are doing. It’s very easy to subconsciously copy what others do (thus creating trends), so instead, I draw inspiration from experiences, memories, and ingredients, with an all-round inquisitiveness and willingness to win in every experimentation.

Can you tell us how you came to be involved in Kilo Cooking Beats—Raices?

I’ve known Joshua (Co-founder of Kilo) for some time now and we’ve always wanted to collaborate in the past but never got around to it. So when he reached out to me, I jumped at the chance to finally do something together.

Can you talk us through your menu for Kilo Cooking Beats—Raices? What’s one dish on the menu that you’re particularly excited about?

I love a good fish and chips at anytime of the day, and I guess it’s just a very British thing for me. Guests can definitely expect a cheeky fish and chips for dinner, served with all the trimmings.

What’s your earliest memory of food, or the first dish you learnt how to cook?

It was when I first learnt to cook from my mum and my older sister—I believe the first dish we made was chocolate brownies. Even though the only cooking I did then was to stir the batter and eat a whole load of it raw. But then again, 90% of cooking is in the preparation so I guess I did the most work! (laughs)

Can you describe a typical dish from your childhood?

My parents were stationed in Indonesia from the late ‘60s to ‘80s, so I grew up eating fried rice with loads of chili and kecap manis.

Since your move from London to Singapore, has the change in culture influenced the way that you cook?

I found myself having to adapt more to the local markets as compared to when I was in London. Besides that, I was also constantly trying to gather inspiration from the ingredients available here. I guess it’s not really the culture that plays a huge influence on me, but rather the circumstances.

What’s your signature dish to cook, or something that you always make when you have guests over?

I’ve never had a signature dish as I’ve got a short attention span and get bored very quickly. However, my favourite meat to cook is anything from a pig—I’m a massive pork consumer.

What’s something you would tell people to do/see when they visit England/ your hometown in Surrey?

Don’t go to my hometown! (laughs) Stay in central London, it’s way more fun!

What are you working on at the moment?

A couple of us are planning to open a fish and chip store here as we find that there isn’t any good chippy in Singapore.

If you could invite someone, whether living or dead, from your hometown to dine with you, who would it be?

That would have to be my teen crush, the supermodel Kate Moss—she was born and bred in Croydon.

Take a look at Tim’ menu for the night below, and make a reservation at www.kilokitchen.com/reservations.