It has been a joyful ride at Camp Kilo with endless parties by the fire, and lots of laughter shared. As the saying goes, the people make the place and we can’t thank everyone enough for making the camp a place that not only feels like home, but also a space that allows everyone to let their hair down while they relax over hearty food that feeds the body, and music that feeds the soul.

Here at camp, we’re constantly looking for ways to expand our field of discovery. As you explore the corners of our space, you might find an element of surprise, or maybe a realisation that tugs on your heartstrings. It could be a photo taken of you back when you visited Camp Kilo months ago, plastered on our walls, or that beaded bracelet, now in our lost and found corner, that you misplaced while you were busy dancing with your best friends.

If you’ve joined us for a day at Camp Kilo, it would come as no surprise to you that the full experience is made up of mouthwatering roasts, ice-cold booze, and infectious beats to bring you through a day full of groove.

To take that up a notch, we rounded up some of our favourite local DJs this month to accompany your meals with us every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Campers who came by were treated to an electric mix of tunes with DJs such as Suren, Daryl C, Zhan, and Sivanesh. After all, what better way to spend your days away from work than with good energy, booze, friends, and music?

As the year unfolds, we can’t wait to take you to more places and get lost in wonderment. Until we do, come enjoy platter after platter of all your favourite dishes paired with your favourite cocktails, and dance with us to your heart’s content—this is what the weekends are made for.