The name Kilo comes from the phonetic name of the half-blue, half-yellow nautical flag  for ‘K’, which signals the message, “We wish to communicate with you.”

Kilo aims to communicate moments defined by hearty food, soulful music, warm conversations, and unforgettable occasions. A place that feels like home for people from all different walks and circles of life, Kilo welcomes you for a sharing experience amongst family and friends, both old and new.

Come and join us.


Kilo’s prime setting within the bustling enclave of the Duxton area promises guests an intimate yet urban experience, while retaining the essence of the brand’s ethos—We wish to communicate with you—through hearty food, soulful music, warm conversations and unforgettable occasions. The sense that you’ve simply stepped into someone’s home, not a restaurant, promises a cozy dining experience with a touch of Kilo’s signature sharing spirit; a place for friends and loved ones to catch up over food, drinks and music; a way for people to meet other people and establish new friendships.

Nestled on the intersection of Duxton Hill and Duxton Road, Kilo Kitchen is also the perfect spot for an intimate or capacious event space. It’s central location is an ideal setting for birthday celebrations, anniversaries, company gatherings and intimate weddings. The interior of the restaurant is reminiscent of a cozy open-living room space where guests will feel as if they are settled in their own private abode.

In all its offerings, Kilo hopes to become a place that feels like home for people from different walks and circles of life, creating a sharing experience amongst family and friends, both old and new.


After 7 and a half years of operation on Kampong Bugis Road, Kilo Kitchen moves out of Ture Building to open its doors to a new chapter on Duxton Road. Over the years, Kilo Kitchen has been contributing to the vibrancy of the culinary scene in Singapore, being the launch pad for other concepts under the Kilo Collective umbrella – Kilo Lounge, Camp Kilo, Kilo Bali, Grain Traders and soon to come Kilo Jakarta.

Its move to Duxton will focus on the evolution of Kilo Kitchen, which will be communicated to guests through an updated interior, classic food, and great music with the ultimate Kilo experience.

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Seek comfort in the ultimate living room—Kilo Lounge.  Kilo Lounge made its official comeback on Friday, 16th December 2016, at a brand new location at 21 Tanjong Pagar Road.

Kilo Lounge first opened in 2014 on the 8th floor of 66 Kampong Bugis, and started out as a spot for pre- or post-dinner drinks, an accompaniment to Kilo Kallang. However, the lounge ceased operations after January 2016 as the Kampong Bugis area was not approved for nightlife use.

Kilo’s driving message has always been “we wish to communicate with you”, and Kilo Lounge serves as the platform for this purpose. Besides its unforgettable parties, the lounge’s cosy space has been used for interactive art performances; dialogue sessions covering everything from local architecture to the supernatural; yoga sessions; fashion shows and launches, and more. The space is whatever you want to make of it, and for many people, it is home; a place where people can escape from everyday life.

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Leave the hurried pace of the city outside our camp.

At Camp Kilo, the fire never goes out, the food keeps on coming, and the stories never end. Opened in June 2016, Camp Kilo is a roast joint with some of the tastiest, heartiest meats in town, but it’s also an escape from the everyday. Open, outdoor seating brings diners close to the serene nature of Kallang’s riverside, making for a slow weekend with friends, a beer in hand, laid-back music, and, of course, a platter of hearty comfort food.

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Kilo’s first overseas endeavour is situated on the beautiful shores of Bali, along the Jalan Drupadi stretch in the vibrant Seminyak district. Opened in September 2014, Kilo Bali offers Kilo’s signature dishes, but also presents specials that are created with local ingredients and produce in mind. The menu is helmed by Chef Manel and Chef Hans, who look to transform the sharing experience while captivating the diner’s imagination and palate. Distinguished by unconventional and modern minimalist architecture that challenges the traditional landscape, Kilo Bali offers a quiet respite away from all the hustle and bustle.

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Kilo’s predecessor was Raw Kitchen Bar, which opened in Bukit Timah in 2008. Here, the basis for Kilo was formed — the sense that you’ve simply stepped into someone’s home, not a restaurant; the essence of Kilo’s sharing spirit; a place for friends to catch up over food, drinks, and music; a way for people to meet other people and establish new friendships. It was also at Raw Kitchen Bar that the menu for Kilo was first conceived, and then later refined, edited, and adapted.

The first Kilo restaurant opened three years later in the nondescript Ture building by the Kallang River. A year after, in 2012, Kilo opened a branch within concept store Pact in Orchard Central. Kilo Lounge opened on the top floor of the same Kallang building in February 2014, while the outlet in Seminyak, Bali opened in September 2014, bringing the Kilo experience to a different part of the world.